An ephemeral existence


In this quiet night, Ashen snow falls solemnly, Firelight makes it shine

Our land is now unrecognizable as indefinite monolithic structures are born from the infinite, and within its core of anonymity it´s facilitating the disaffiliation with the human essence that fuels the fiery fire of isolation and the flaming embers spreads the message: ”upheaval of conservatism”.
Their set path isn’t congruent with ours as their nonchalant idealistic approach towards uniformity is utterly irreconcilable with the pragmatic philosophy of the olden scholars.
Ruination of concord, social stability ruptured as the balance of rationality trembles, collective amity gone and togetherness separated by digital discord.
The practicalities of de-personification come in abundance, there’s a multiplicity of reasons to reconstruct once being. Loss of self isn’t synonymous with loss of soul; it’s about adapting to the dynamical environment and the transitional climate from reality to a simulation that the now is gradually becoming. 

The unscratchable itch, the unexplainable urge unearthed; how does one succumb to these primal instincts? So violent, so raw, the purity, the clarity, and virtues of us few. Tainted virginity, tangential thought processes, polluted sterility, such a skewed rectitude in this distorted composition in the societal anatomy of man. 

Disturbance of ataraxia, the balance diluted now rescinded.
Living nullified & rights revoked; our life void of meaning as it spills out into temporal pleasures, we abrogate the responsibilities granted us – to live.
Sent down into a state of abjection, ruination of civilization, the toxic digital concoction becomes a means to an end, insolvency of the world, depletion of resources and left behind, emotional deficiency ≠ the false=true respondency, subservient followers following the retinue of servile servants and the universe suddenly stops.
No reference to sanity without the insane. You’re born, scrambled, mixed, and spat out into a world of chaos, and before you know it you die.
Side by side together with a floundering herd of sycophantic pseudointellectuals waving and shouting ingratiating words of wonder at an obsequious crowd, claiming self-abnegation for the greater good. Oleaginous comments about he and she, makers of divisiveness, such an unctuous statement that leaves nothing but an acrid taste in your mouth as the unpleasant velvety coating envelopes your tongue whilst tingling the palate. 

No decency, innocence forgotten, self-abasement and online humiliation, honesty besmirched, anonymity completely gone mad, betrayal now called worthiness. 

Dear mention one thing wrong with this fucking world. 


– No thinker is an intellectual as there exists no such thing as intellectuals. 

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