Chapter 0 Beginning anew

”Your tears tear down the walls of the perfect illusion that is this simulacrum. The simulation a recreation made only for you – what distinguishes you from me is extinguished in an instant.” 

It had become a self-loathing interdependent clique of inapt socialization which betokened both indifference and detachment of emotions.
Ill-advised advice from misguided strays given freedom of speech; ill-judged/considered/conceived/ and thought out, the brainless remarks and injudicious comments etched their mark, burnt into the hippocampus like static video on a 56″ forgotten plasma.
The “forgotten and forlorn” individuals indulged in shared negativity and hostility towards the world which had abandoned them; These abandonment issues in conjunction with self-victimization and a lack of sympathy helped in creating a breeding ground for people who were antisocial, eremophobic or/and had/showed tendencies towards other extreme forms of social deviance.

The common denominator amongst these groups seems to be social ostracism, the feeling of being excluded, not having any relatable attachments to others and a sense of alienation, finger-pointing, and psychological projection; in turn, they are themselves forcibly creating social rejection when falling through the inadequate, sometimes non-existent security net(work) that were put in place to catch them before they fell.
It’s in this active search to reaffirm their beliefs that they validate their misconceptions of reality and by enforcing each other’s delusions they strengthen the connection between each member thereby forming an almost family-like bond.
The icing on the cake is that this further enhances isolation and sets them on self-destructive path boosting the already underlying sense of profane self-hatred that would later be schooled and encouraged which in turn helped keep the group in a tight-knit circle of complete identity-destruction, inevitably leading to personal ruin and the ego-death of each individual.
In its totality, it’s easier to explain it as the disintegration of individualism and the movement towards conformity building a solid sense of uniformity amongst its followers.

The constant deconstruction of the single being helped form a new group-identity and it was later this rather bizarre unification of broken personas that would make up the virtual collective known as “Pax, Ante Bellum”.
The group was constantly seeking confirmation and acknowledgment from their peers to somehow further reassure themselves of how wrong and misunderstood they actually were.

In a state of decay, this perfect storm brewed in the most inopportune time.

The “edgy, just-a-phase” internet phenomenon grew into a cohort of like-minded anarchists and proletarians with the highest wish of overthrowing the corrupt regime, dismantle the money economy, burn the capitalist swine at the stake, give power to the people and give back nature to earth; something that clashed with the original agenda intended to undo & unmake the world, to create a universal reset and de-create the possibility to rebuild.

So there were many ideas and conflicting ideals that needed to be upheld to keep this very lucrative business of faux anarchism afloat:

“With shared sapience and interconnected intelligence we’ve moved beyond the prison system of social stratification.”

Since the rather small basement based cult had reluctantly opened its door to others it had, in fact, lost its own identity.
Somewhere along the line (entangled within their own idiocracy), they suffered an internal crisis of whom and what they were (or had become); they had essentially lost their (core) essence as they unwillingly merged their beliefs with what was now just an infected appendix of edgelords and mainstream internet celebrities posing as supporters.

But it was the unilateral preconception of alterity that had made them shift focus and transition into what they opposed; the subjective view of right and wrong and external projection of once flaws would, in time, make them become everything they hated and had actively sought out to destroy.
The more members they attained the harder it was to avoid separation from the whole and the dissociation with the outside which had been the group’s congruity since it was established began to crumble.

The founders and hardcore supporters wanted to disaffiliate themselves from their subsidiaries, to sever the ties with the scoundrels and fraudsters.
So they plotted and schemed, stirred the cauldron of disintegration, and came up with a plan.
This act of terror would have such severe repercussions, reverberating across the globe; we will see the remnants of that tomorrow.

Echoes of the past that would come to shape this world.

We just don’t know it yet.

“The eerie silence is palpable, it lays in the air as a thin veil, as an invisible mist it enfolds everything.” 

-Clockwärk, Social Media Front Figure, a transcript from the last vlog upload before the blackout.

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