I had become fluent in the language of the idiots. Entropy - The violation, mistreatment & continuous negligence against and towards ourselves as well as the gross misconduct of the other.

’We are but a simple social construct, formed and shaped since day one by a simulation called society. 

It’s an imperfect system continuously failing in the utmost peculiar and unbelievable ways ever imaginable, it’s (un)gracious even. We are, for a lack of better words: spectacularly worthless and it’s a wonder we’ve survived for this long. 

But it’s here to stay because we are unable to change as much as we do not want change to happen and this is even though we’ve been made to believe it’s up to the common man to make these changes occur because we – we are free. 

Besides being ”free” we’re also the most
gullible, suicidal, and easily fooled idiots to grace the fields of asphodel.
And truth be told this whole charade called humanity is led to damnation by a totalitarian idiocracy as brittle as the tiniest branch on a dying tree. We're nothing more than useless garbage floating around in the nothingness of space on a dying fucking rock orbiting an orb of hydrogen at 67'000mph... Oh, I forgot...Which is also dying - it seemes to be the common denominator in this existence, death that is.

We’re swallowing gratuitous advice coated in such sweet-sweet lies regurgitated by the false messiahs and we only have ourselves to blame.
Morons will always follow morons because playing the chords of emotion resonates with your ordinary Jane & John Doe; 

Sugar-coated words, this soft & tender language never fails to amaze the masses and erase the boundaries between the what if, should’ve and could’ve, like they see a glimmer of themselves through the misty mirror of days gone past in the washed-up failures of yesteryear. 

A trail of followers shall forever walk in your shadow and in the coming trial you shan’t be judged ’cept for those who blindly obeyed.

Feeding us shitsandwish after shitsandwish about connectivism and sharing shoes they twist & twirl their words like starving defanged snakes.
The promotion of collectivism, propagating wishful thinking, coercing the public using smoke & mirrors whilst disseminating falsified information only to suddenly throw a spanner in the works just to increase the gap between the people.
An infected wedge that caused nothing but undesirable scenarios ending in easily avoidable catastrophic events, resetting the entire world – or worse. 

”The lone man is smarter than the entirety of mankind combined.”

Skepticism is, if not dead, definitely dying…
Don’t get me wrong, collectivism is a beautiful thought – in theory, and that’s about it.
There are pros and cons to everything, even individualism: ”Strengthening yourself mentality” and ”nothing is impossible just make it your reality” bullshit. But choosing between the bubonic plague and cholera I know my choice.
This mad man-made arrangement of complex unspoken rules is impossible to escape unless by escape you mean either social or literal death.
We are nothing more than disassembled parts, each part unique in its own way, later reassembled to fit the general mold made to stifle lateral thinking. A sad broken batch of whatnots whose purpose is just conjectures of false application. 

Who shall you stand up for when there is no one left to support? Who shall you stand up for when there is no one left to support?

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