Welcome to the future of tomorrow.

In the future (how far is of no importance), in which this story takes place our world is in a very different state from what it is now. It's still earth, in its essence, but not very earthlike. The world is built layers upon layers like Dante's Hell but this hell (now combined with purgatory for only $9.99) is extending unimaginably far off into space – forever expanding. The further out you come, closer to the edge of space where nothing is and something has yet to become, time and matter is twisted, twirled and warped into a hyperdimensional mash, even within the borders of our world our old fundamental understanding of physics does not comply almost as if the laws of physics are deteriorating. Beyond the edge it's believed that anything is possible; live, die, repeat, deconstruction & materialization over and over. The world is incomprehensibly large. Entire civilizations may evolve in one section and never know if there ever is anything else besides them. Every section artificially made; Some places may look like our world, others alien but everything is specially engineered and designed. But to what purpose if not purposeless? Certain processes and conditions had to be met to allow for the expansion but as with everything else it began to spiral out of control and we lost grip of our reality. After a couple of millennia things were created at random; Expanding and expanding nearing the universal reset. The reason and cause of the expansion were unknown, lost in memory, dissipating with time.

No obligations; Unshackled, released but lost. Disenthralled from musts. The fire glows bright; Feels secure, instills safety. I am not alone…

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