We need to talk…

That in which was needed to obviate a seemingly preordained catastrophe was what we lacked.
It seems that simple things such as thought, reason, and forethought always preclude our attempts to do good and what good would it make if everything is predetermined anyway.
We’ve always been unable to understand the simplest of things – to unravel the mysteries of where we originated from is one of them – and in turn, it led to our demise.
The expansion of the world perpetuated the constant search for truth and prolonged our suffering of ignorance.
We tried and reify the idea of us being made outside of time and space into something concrete before we even understood the concept of what that meant.
Our lack of analytical thinking and incapability of conceptual thinking halted our progression as the widespread use of biased informational intakes helped create cretinous, tactless, simple-minded, inarticulate, and dull-witted idiots falling for common fallacies.
And even though innatism began to die and nativism grew, incompetence cooped with stupidity helped destroy body, mind, and spirit.

“Quia absurdum aeterna.”

Perhaps this story might be riddled with tropes, clichés, and other literary pitfalls but nonetheless, it’s a story I find worth telling, worth sharing with you.

Before the story begins, naturally, things have had to have happened to set things in motion or nothing would ever occur, such is the curse of linear time.
However these timelines are non-linear, they’re fluid and may cross, alter, interchange, and merge creating a wide range of different tasting soups containing the same ingredients.
This generates the same old story of ignorance, lack of foresight, and definitely an ounce or two of the incomprehension to understand what and why we are. 


Before it all (really) spiraled out of control before we crossed the point of no return and wandered so far (up to our own arseholes) beyond the thin red line that we were eventually unable to see it anymore, we were living in what I’d describe as ‘the true digital age’. 

We (before the fall of mankind) blamed older generations for our shortcomings, for the miserable situation and the state the world was in, we blamed the idle, typical “commercial/sellout” politicians who seemed to be (or was) controlled by corrupt corporations or shadow puppeteers who either didn’t give a fuck or only had fucks to give as long as you lined their pockets with money widening the ever-increasing gap between the rich and the poor. 

Behind their fancy, sugar-coated words of lies, nothing lays hidden they say, but ”nothing” is exactly what is hidden. 

We saw these leaders come and go; leaders without backbones who lacked respect for our integrity, waging personal vendettas with a complete disregard for human lives, individuals who only sought after themselves not hesitating when throwing anyone beneath the bus if their position was deemed threatened, and if an opportunity would arise they'd go as far as to liquidate those who stood in their way. 

Then we had the deceitful, skewed, and angled news (a handful wouldn’t you say?); Media colluding and conspiring, gaslighting its asinine audience and planting seeds of doubt into people’s minds, fertilizer called lies, blossoms called hate.
Secrecy, fraternization with the enemy, unlawful collaborations, nothing ceases to amaze when government officials connive with foreign powers as to destabilize, undermine and subvert our democracy.
They aspersed and vilified those whose intentions were pure, they made false accusations, directed blame and shame, fabricated evidence, and spread propaganda. 

Hate is borderless and resentment knows no bounds. 

They pointed fingers and lied in spite, they spread rumors and calumny, they slandered and defamed to disparage any and all opposition in such feeble attempts to win solid ground on their unsteady foundation, brainwashing voters who’d blindly follow them off the cliffs of damnation.
These paltry attempts to gain influence, violating the trust and truth they pledged to uphold as they took upon themselves the weight to carry the banner of veracity no matter the obstacles and temptations of corruption.
Caretakers of the people, with “our best interests in mind” swiveled and swerved, diverging and disuniting screaming “Fake news! Fake news! ”.
The sheer audacity of those sh**heads pissed you off but you acquiesced to their “innocuous” lies however obscure and you just shook your head in disaccord and disagreement,
someone insouciantly shrugged their shoulders whilst reading the news, sometimes a faint incredulous gasp could be heard in the background of the interstate bus, a few invective protests here and there on the busy streets below right outside the corporate highways; such disparity, such a travesty, oh, how I disdain these discrepancies!

But soon enough, like clockwork, the lies were misremembered, forgotten, and interpreted as truth. 

After a while, they had managed to reel us in, shaped our minds square and straight. We were finally broken… Subdued…
We never questioned or condemned.
Our silent criticism was never reprimanded or reproofed, it didn’t hold anyone accountable despite the fact we all knew what they did and what they represented. 

Corruption isn’t a stigma, we didn’t see any public outrage or outcries from otherwise outspoken personalities when scandals occurred because “in the end, nothing matters”. Public demonstrations prohibited, protests outlawed, freedom of the press ceased, freedom of speech ended, political and religious forums were banned and people wereblacklisted, booked, silenced, and disappeared like words such as openness, criticism, opprobrium, and lambasting.

“The scholars are dead, our enlightened burned together with their books of knowledge; they fueled their fires by throwing the educated and those informed unto the everlasting pyre. 

What have we now become but ignorant…”

Freedom became banished then forgotten, our lives had become censored and controlled but life went on with its usual business.

But it’s our own fault.

It's your fault!

You elect those revile leaders who desecrate the very name of democracy such complete idiocy, those who coin new expressions of oppression, those who vituperate against those who fail to share their views, those who shunned flesh & blood and those who meet the fellow man with anger, enmity, and animosity. 

Those are the ones that YOU chose. 

You fight for something that contains zero content, a broken cause which cannot be backed by facts, you stress that this is a choice of your own volition when you’ve been duped, lead astray, and taken advantage of all along.
Your ideas, views, and words are irreconcilable, heading towards inevitable ruin; these words aren’t yours, within this contained echo-chamber – everything you say or do is only a bleak representation of everything that is wrong with the world.

Some of us sat protesting behind the safety of our screens as everything around us fell apart and others stayed silent, happy to live in blissful ignorance and turning a blind eye to the harsh reality they were faced with. Procrastination – the modern man disease. 

Unfazed by the constantly regurgitated bullshit that pervades the social media flow on a daily basis, media’s sexualization of young men and women, memes, incels, gentrification, downplaying of genderfication (such a fucking fixation), directed ads, monetization, and glamorization of violence and sex, hypocrites to the left and right who is the one who sees the world in black and white.
Now fortune should be made easy on others’ misfortune, shortcuts to success matters more than hard work and is measured in likes and followers, we suffer self-deprivation and acknowledge humiliation for views and thumbs up; no wonder we have that feeling of meaninglessness and senselessness when we continue to self-deprecate. 

We’re swallowed by an overwhelming feeling of powerlessness anomie leading to social dysfunction, apathy, and unconfidence; it’s this self-estrangement that leads to alienation as we become detached from ourselves and who we really are.
Our world is filled with so many choices, filled with such a wide variety of different stimuli, millions of options with endless possibilities that we become indecisive and irresolute; we find it hard to place ourselves in this ever-changing world and we’re afraid that we’ll be left behind. 

We’re afraid that others might get ahead whilst we are treading water, others move forward. 

We’re afraid that we’ll retrogress whilst others progress and we fear it because it’s all outside of our control. 

This uncertainty and certainly tentative (almost nonchalant) approach towards all the opportunities that are given to us creates an information-overload, we cannot cope or apprehend this data-tsunami and we end up doing nothing which in turn boosts our self-destructive behavior. Our potential, personal capability, and capacity for self- as well as social development, is regressed and if you add the feeling: “That we’re unable to control the outcome of our choices” it will lead us towards becoming nothing but inert lumps of grey matter that are as useful as an appendix.
What’s the point..? If anything we do is of no significance or importance and has no impact at all.
Then what’s the goddamn point? 

We suffer from boredom, we’re all afflicted by malaise, we suffer from ennui and desperation as we lack social control caused by the industrialization and automatization of our everyday lives when our function in society is gradually erased.
Personality dysfunctions and dissociative identity disorders flourish as we got our “influencers & motivators” and a load of made-up self-made not needed occupations and G*D knows what that paints a vivid picture of luxury and fame to hide the hollowness inside. 

What’s important now hidden away, ground down into a grey slush, a mush of mishmash and hodgepodge. The significant made insignificant by complicating the uncomplicated. 

It’s almost as we strive towards complete inertia, becoming the representation of a comatose OD victim.

We want or at the very least long for some sort of Alter Aigo which can live our lives for us whilst our consciousness is uploaded into the clouds where we can live a happy-dandy drug-induced unicorn shooting rainbows out of its ass dream whilst our body rots in its own filth, like a forgotten vegetable in the far back of the fridge behind tomorrow’s microwave dinner. 

We laugh at people who don’t know better, we laugh at the stupid fucking kid who doesn’t know better, we or rather you know the best, always and always, no questions asked.
We’re not batting an eye when force-fed: extremism, racism, poverty, corruption, proxy-wars, inequality, starvation, gambling and loan commercials sent back to back as they go hand in hand, climate-change and their deniers, anti-vaxxers and other liers, moon landing’s a hoax (wtf?) and the flat-earth believers and you ask yourself why the world has gone to shit. 

The list can be made extensively long and infinitely large but the truth is we’re gradually being stripped of emotions, compassion, and love whilst hate, skepticism, and doubt thrives, slowly turning us into the lethargic and cynical bastards we had learned to hate. 

There are no happy endings, not then, not now, not later, not ever… Sorry. 

We didn’t adapt or overcome, we failed ourselves, our kids, parents, and the world as we decided to divide, prevaricate, and close our eyes for the truth.
Now we sing kumbaya as it all burns down around us and the walls of reality come crashing down, down into a smoldering pile of crap that suffocates our progress and development. 

As always, we never learn… 

Now we just reap what we sowed. 

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